5 places to see Impressionism in Paris

Few artistic movements are as loved as Impressionism, and no city does it like Paris. In this article, I am going to share with you different places where you can go to enjoy impressionism in Paris 😉 

What is Impressionism?

For me -and I always say this on my tours- Impressionism is a direct reaction to the appearance of photography. It is literally that: capturing the moment, the momentary impression, the elusive and fast light that we can only capture with our eyes. .

But it also became a criticism of the Second Empire society and academic art. Society was changing a lot, and art had to play along that change. That is why the Impressionists identify themselves as painters of modernity.

In the 19th century, Emperor Napoleon III and the Prefect of Seine, Baron Haussmann, changed the face of Paris to give it an outrageous beauty that strikes hearts to this day..

They opened wide boulevards, brought up a new public lighting network, inaugurated greatest railway stations and built very modern residential buildings.

Open air painting in Paris

There are many Impressionist paintings that portray this. So I’m going to show you the painting and the address below, so that when you come, you can go there, and see it with your own eyes. The streets of Paris are literally a work of art. Thank you Napoleon!!    

Impressionism places in Paris

The great names of Impressionism such as Pissarro, Monet or Sisley have had a trajectory that I, as a guide, like to geograph (apart from being a geographer by training!). That’s why I’m looking for places to appreciate his legacy. In this list, I am going to name a few, so you know where to find and enjoy Impressionism in Paris.

Impressionist museums in Paris


Musée de l'Orangerie

A must visit if you like Monet or if you go to Giverny. Monet’s Water Lilies steal the spotlight, but there is a very varied collection from the early 20th century.

Monet marmottan

Musée Monet Marmottan

A beautiful mansion converted into a museum. Don’t let the name confuse you: not everything is Monet!! It is a private collection with works from the Middle Ages. Temporary exhibitions are a gem.

Schedule: open every day from 9am to 5pm.

Museo ORsay

Musée d'Orsay

This is the most famous place to enjoy Impressionism. And I will talk about it in detail on “what you can’t miss in Orsay” article, but I couldn’t leave it out. Would you like to visit it with me?


Available tour.

Other Impressionist spots in Paris



The neighborhood is not only where Impressionists, such as Renoir and Monet lived and worked, but also where other contemporary painters worked too. Those who admired and were inspired by their work, such as Tuulouse Lautrec, Vincent Vangogh or Suzanne Valadon.

Available tour.



45 minutes from Paris, it is a charming little town that can be visited in one day. You have Monet’s gardens (where he painted the water lilies), Giverny’s impressionist museum, Claud Monet’s house and tomb.

If you are a fan of impressionism, I am sure that you are going to enjoy all these places very much. If you like to visit them with me, do not hesitate to contact me 🙂.

Don’t forget that our journey through Paris has just begun. For a deeper exploration of this enchanting city, be sure to check out my comprehensive Paris guide. It’s filled with insider tips and hidden gems that will enhance your adventure, ensuring you experience the true essence of Parisian charm. Happy exploring!


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