Look, here I am: as a tourist, when I moved to Paris, back in 2016. Looking at the Metro map, deciphering how to get around the city.

But that’s also me, 3 years later, in the Père Lachaise Cemetery, very concentrated looking at the map, but this time thinking:

"Should I create a guided tour here?"

The tourist left, only the crazy map lady remains... and that's how my guided tours are born: looking at a map.

I want to guide you so that you can enjoy your trip to Paris to the fullest, so that you feel safe and confident in an unknown country where they don't speak your language.

Many imagine Paris as enigmatic, enchanting, beautiful and luminous. And it is! Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

What happens is that sometimes the language barrier, cultural differences and inexperience can make your trip not as you dreamed itI am here so that this does not happen to you. 

Why Paris?

In this video I tell you why I chose to live in Paris.


These are the 5 pillars on which I build each of my services.


Your time is the most valuable and I will not waste it.


My smile is always ready and I wish that you have a great time.


I want to give you valuable content without any surprises.


The treatment and the information you receive are top quality.


You will always feel understood and valued.


They always ask me: What did you study?

First, Historical Geography at the University of Buenos Aires. Then in Paris I did History of Art at the “Ecole du Louvre” (Yes, you can study Art History at the Louvre). 

I always have my nose in the books and I greatly enjoy academic training, which is why every year I attend continuing education courses in the best institutions (And did I mention that I speak 3 languages fluently?).

And now the million dollar question:

“Dany, how is it that having studied Geography in Argentina, you ended up being a professional tour guide in Paris?”

Let’s say I had to take 5 steps:

  1. I had to validate my degree, equivalent to a Master’s degree in France. 
  2. I had to reach a B2 of French language (the level required to enter university).
  3. To reach that level, I started reading a ton of French books about the history of Paris. I learned the language and the history at the same time. 
  4. I walked around the city with a little notebook, like an Indiana Jones diary, writing down points of interest, streets, curiosities, but above all seeing in real life what I had read in the books. 
  5. I started to work as an informal tour guide, doing Free Tours. Once I had a year of experience, I applied to be an licensed guide. Two months later, I received the official certification.

From that moment I started working in the 2 most important tourism companies in Paris.

And after a while I decided to create Tours in Paris, to offer you all my experience and knowledge in a much more personalized and adapted way.

Learn about the experience of those who chose Tours in Paris.

This painting is called "The Liberty leading the people"...

…and I can’t help but feel a certain admiration for that lady, who shows the way for citizens to achieve what they want. 


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