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I am Dany, I do private guided tours in Paris so that you can discover the City of Love at your own pace and without any hassles 😉

Sometimes the language barrier, cultural differences and inexperience can make your trip not as you dreamed it. 

Have you already booked your trip? Or are you in the planning process? I can help either way 😉

I have the resources and knowledge for you to get to know Paris better than a Parisian.


Tour Packages

FROM €750

Seeing the highlights even if you have little time is possible if you organize it well, and I am here to help you. Shall we begin?


Premium Service

FROM 540€

As a trusted friend who wants to show you the best of their city, I'll pick you up at the hotel to visit Paris at your leisure.


Walking tours

FROM 250 €

Did you know that the Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911 and they tried to sell it to the director of the Uffizi Gallery? I'd love to share with you the end of the story...

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Find out when to come, what to see, how to move around, what to eat and where to stay.

Benefits of visiting Paris with me

Entering an unknown city, far from home and where they do not speak your language is quite a challenge.
That’s why with my tours I help you to enjoy Paris with success and confidence.

Treasures of Paris

You will see the tourists side of Paris but also the hidden gems that only locals know.


Save your time

You don't have to worry about what to see and how to get there. I take care of that for you.

I give you my advice

You receive suggestions and information about what to do during your downtime.


I am Dany, professional tour guide in Paris since 2017

In other words, I walk around the city looking for secrets and stories in every corner, and then I share them all with you.

As I have worked for the 2 most important tour companies in Paris, I can say that I have guided hundreds of people through the museums and the streets of the city.

Would you like to hear what some of them have said about my tours? 

“Daniela is a genius! Super entertaining, interesting, a complete guide, absolutely nothing was missing! Congratulations!"
“Daniela's warmth and her desire was for us to have a great time!!!”
PAris in 1 day
"Our guide Daniela, steeped in knowledge but above all she was warm and friendly. Congratulations Daniela, we return to Mexico happy.”
"My husband and I made a 2-hour tour with Daniela. It was super enjoyable and interesting, she told us a lot of information and anecdotes but without being boring. The truth is, it was short, we would have listened to her for 2 more hours. Super recommendable."
“Excellent Dani. Super cool. She's very resourceful, knowlegdeble and happy to help us with all kinds of questions and queries. Highly recommended!! You won't regret it... She showed us Paris with all its charms and stories... Beautiful!!!”

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