My tours are always private and I only work with one group per day


With this service you are the captain and I am your personal compass, that guides you through Paris in a 100% exclusive way.

Why is the premium service the most sought after option?

Personal guide

From when you leave the hotel until you return.

Personal interview

To design the tour according to your preferences.

I'll take you

Don't worry! I take care of the transportation.

Just in case...

I will be at your disposal throughout your stay.


I am Dany, professional tour guide in Paris since 2017

In other words, I walk around the city looking for secrets and stories in every corner, and then I share them all with you.

As I have worked for the two most important tour companies in Paris, I can say that I have guided hundreds of people through the museums and streets of the city.

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My Premium Service

Embark on this adventure to get to know Paris by creating your own map…

let me tell you a story...

In 1679, King Louis XIV wrote a section in his Memoirs entitled ‚ÄúWays of showing the Gardens of Versailles‚ÄĚ.

Yes, just as you have read: Louis XIV, the Sun King, wrote the itinerary for a guided tour in the Gardens of his Palace, and felt the need to include it in his memoirs, as a legacy for posterity.

When I discovered it, I thought of creating a guided tour service worthy of a King. Because of that, the premium service is the most complete of all that I offer.

I come to you

I'll pick you up at the hotel to visit Paris at your leisure.

Tailor made

100% personalized according to your tastes and preferences.

Never stranded

I'll drop you back at your hotel or requested endpoint.

No preset content

This is a non-scripted tour & the itinerary is what you want.

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Benefits of having a professional licenced guide walking by your side telling you everything she knows about Paris:

Discover the history

Learn the history in an innovative and dynamic way.

Hidden gems

You are alerted of details that you wouldn't notice at first glance.

Transported in time

Paris has so much history that every walk is a journey through time.

The magic of Paris

Embracing the architecture, culture and people surounding you.

You have the time of your life

With your family and friends.

To live a premium experience in Paris is priced at 180‚ā¨ per hour, but the final cost will depend on what you order.

Fill in the form to enjoy a premium experience in Paris, being the captain of your trip and I the compass.

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ENG-Visitas Premium

FAQ about my Premium Service

Both tours are guided, private and in English. However, the route and the fees are different.

In the Standard tours:

  • We meet at a point that you will have to reach on your own.¬†
  • They have a theme and a scheduled tour, based on a selection of the most relevant things to see in the area.¬†
  • They have a duration of 2 hours and a flat rate of ‚ā¨235 for a group from 1 to 6 people.¬†

In the Premium Tours:

  • I’ll pick you up personally at the hotel and from there we’ll go wherever you want.¬†
  • Includes a free meet and greet videochat and consultation. It has no preset theme or duration, and is a flat rate of ‚ā¨180 per hour for a group from 1 to 6 people. Often I meet the group at the hotel prior to the tour’s begining to get organized and chat a bit. You aren’t charged until we leave the hotel.¬†
  • Train/bus/subway tickets are covered.


In summary, the standard tours are structured and limited while the premium service is personalized and flexible. 

In both you will have the opportunity to ask me questions and learn anecdotes and historical details about the places we visit together. 

Of course, I take great care of the quality of both kinds of tours, since empathy and professionalism are 2 of the pillars on which I build each service. 

The price of the PREMIUM service is ‚ā¨180 per hour for groups from 1 to 6 people.

This price includes the transport tickets that are necessary, but not the tickets to museums/monuments, which you must pay separately.

For groups of more than 7 people, ask me for a personalized quote at

If possible, we could reschedule the tour. If not, I will issue you a refund within the cancellation and refund policies.

You have up to 24 hours before the tour to cancel it and receive a refund from the 75%.

1) If you cancel 48hrs in advance I can issue a cash refund of 75% of the value paid or grant you a Tours in Paris voucher for a 100% of the value paid. This voucher is transferable and it has no expiration date.

2) If you have an unforseen event within 48hrs prior to the tour, I can either reschedule to a nearby date or grant you a Tours in Paris voucher for a 100% of the value paid. This voucher is transferable and it has no expiration date.

There are no refunds or rescheduling for forgetting the tour, last-minute change of plans, or if you did not like the service.

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